Transformational Leadership Development

When one policy maker catches the vision of the principles taught through GHNI’s Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP), that delegate’s excitement can catch hold of the governing powers for a whole nation. That’s what has been happening in Myanmar over the past two years.

In 2013 Myanmar sent representatives to GILPP, an annual conference for policy makers from developing nations. What they learned in one short week really inspired them, prompting leaders from two key political parties in Myanmar to invite GHNI leaders to Myanmar to teach Transformational Community Development (TLD) in early 2014 - a key part of the GILPP experience. A few months later, six delegates from Myanmar were sent to GILPP 2014, some of whom gave presentations at the conference.

The ninety leaders from two different parties loved the training in 2014 and invited GHNI staff back to do the full course. In January 2015, Mike Shea, developer of the TLD curriculum, and Wes Brenneman, Regional Field Leader of Southeast Asia, returned to Myanmar to do additional TLD training.

When one considers that it costs $2,500 for a delegate to attend GILPP, this is a bigger success story than it first appears. For a developing nation like Myanmar, it’s generally too costly to send more than one or two delegates. By being invited to bring training to Myanmar, 90 leaders have access for a fraction of the cost. With all the challenges Myanmar has faced as a country over the past several decades, GHNI is honored to be invited to empower some of the most influential emerging leaders to create lasting change.

The curriculum integrates interactive, engaging exercises with relevant teaching on leadership principles. Leaders are given opportunities to explore the challenges they face and discover solutions. Participants receive a tailor made recipe for leadership which empowers them to transform their nation.

You can join us in helping policy makers bring true transformation. Sponsor TLD in a developing nation!