Transforming Beliefs of Farmers

Kharibari Village, India

In the month of June, I continued to build relationships with the villagers of Karibari Village, since we began Transformational Community Development (TCD) just recently in May. The ongoing special Saturday classes for struggling students has already paved the way for us into the community. I spent time listening to their problems, needs, and struggles to cope with life. I explained about TCD work and how it can help them transform their lives.


They are all ready and excited to be a part of the TCD program. I also visited different families to learn of their problems and abilities to solve them. One farmer, *Basu, had made up his mind to not cultivate crops this year, due to the elephant menace. Every year, elephants invade their crops from the nearby forest and destroy them. I encouraged him to continue cultivating crops, saying that even if elephants destroy half of his crops, he will still have 7 bighas (about 2.8 acres) of crops. I'm glad that he started his paddy cultivation again. I hope he will reap bountifully.





*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Basu” is a pseudonym for one being helped by this project.