Transforming One Life at a Time

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


While presenting a moral lesson to the children in Ezbet el Nakhl, the child Mohraail stood up in front of the whole class and admitted that her behavior was unwise the day before. Her mother had asked her to buy some groceries from the shop on their street, but Mohraail refused to go and told her mama, "Let my brother go, instead." Her mother got angry and harshly punished her.

Mohraail shared, "I had learn from the lessons that I should honor my parents." She was remorseful because she was annoyed and did not honor her mother. She promised not to do that again and would obey her mother always.

Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


With the women’s group, we presented some lessons this month. The most effective lessons were about behavior and the heart. Those lessons touched so many ladies. There’s one lady named Om Amgad who always objects and protests about everything and every lesson, but this time, her words were deeply touching.


Om Amgad said that as she works at issues in her heart, it overflows to reach to the people around her. We were very thankful for all who heard the lesson, opening the door to have a new and beautiful beginning. Om Amgad expressed the new joy in her heart increases her love, joy, longevity, and more.


GHNI National Field Leader