Transforming Rainwater

Shambani Village, Kenya

The previous season in Shambani Village was a great blessing after they had a good harvest for food and seedlings. But as this year started, the main stream that feeds the water pan for irrigation had dried up completely, and the weather changed so badly that nobody could walk or work during the heat. All hope for planting this season had diminished, and all stored food had been eaten.

But recently, the weather changed! Heavy rains started to pour and the streams got water once more. So with great joy and happiness, the community began making big furrows in the ground to feed their water pans.

The water pans are now full, and seeds have been planted with hopes that the water in the pans will be sufficient to water the plants through to harvest. They are so happy to use the seeds they had saved for replanting (instead eating the seeds), and they have already created nurseries for onions, tomatoes, greens, maize, and beans.

Everyone is working for a common purpose. Mzee digs a small furrow to divert water to his garden. He is now a well-known performing farmer whose life was transformed after an agricultural trip that was organized by our office. Mzee has now specialized in horticulture such as watermelons, and it generates sufficient income for his family.