Travels to Teach and Train!

Spitak, Armenia


Recently, Tamara and Sam were preparing for a trip to Europe. For Armenian citizens, it is a long process to apply for EU Schengen and UK visas. They spent a whole month preparing all the necessary documents! Finally, they received all three visas for the UK but the approval process with the embassy for Switzerland took a long time. The embassy working for EU countries gave them visas in one day. The ambassador, himself, showed them favour.

While Tamara and Sam were in Geneva, Switzerland, the GHNI Swiss office was holding a three-day Transformational Community Development (TCD) training. They attended as participants and also as trainers. They had three lessons to teach. This was very good training, besides teaching, as they learnt a lot and they connected with the participants. Their young son, Nick, also enjoyed the training as he played with his new friends.


On the last day of the training, they had lunch with some GHNI staff and other participants. They were able to represent Armenia and GHNI’s work there. 


Then Tamara and Sam flew to the UK where they were hosted by Malcolm and  Judy, GHNI UK leaders. They had an amazing time with these wonderful people. Malcolm and Judy opened their home and introduced them to some of their friends and contacts. They felt like a part of their life and community for a week. Malcolm had arranged a few very good meetings, as well.


The trip back home was hard. The news about COVID-19 was threatening and they went to the airport hoping that their flights would not be canceled. Thankfully, they were not and everything went very smoothly.

The whole country of Armenia is quarantined and people are not allowed to have big gatherings or be outside much. Tamara and Sam hope the whole world will soon overcome this virus.


TCD Update

  • Water- They have water from 9am - 6am The rest of the day, the water is off and people need to collect water to use.
  • Income Generation- People are working on two projects: #1. Opening a bakery, #2. Opening a kindergarten.
  • Education- Parenting course
  • Wellness- Lessons on hygiene


Thank you!


Sam & Tamara
GHNI National Field Leaders