Treatment for Forgetting

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt


We gave a lot of lessons, one of them was about forgetting a lot and what causes us to forget, like not drinking enough water, not take vitamins, or taking too many antibiotics and painkillers.

We presented the cure for forgetting which is avoidance of fats, fast food and painkillers. After the lesson, one of the women called Om Merna said that she feels pain a lot of times, and every time she’s in pain she takes a painkiller maybe even several times a day. It was her first time to know that too many painkillers are bad for her. She said that she learnt a lot through this lesson.

In the past three months we did a medical convoy and did a session on doubt and happiness and its consequences. We also talked about depression. We had a shoe fair and taught the women how to cook different dishes. We had a session on soul healing and took a field trip.

In the next three months, we had a Christmas celebration and taught communication skills. We talked about boundaries in the marital relationship. Different topics discussed included: adaptation, acclimatization, making decisions, addiction, communication between couples, working women, bone pain, and psychological needs. We taught crafts and had a medical/optical convoy.

Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader