Tremendous Change

*BT Village, Nepal

Transformational Community Development (TCD)

Pratiraksha, our TCD trainer in Nepal, has been teaching about micro businesses like mushroom farming, chicken farming, vegetable production, and tailoring. During the mushroom farming training, there were altogether 11 participants. Pratiraksha taught about mushroom types, required material for mushroom farming, and procedure. Now that they know about mushroom farming and its production, and the villagers will be given ownership of the projects.

She is also trying to organize the girls in income raising projects. She has also requested to start a project on women’s hygiene and sewing, Kurta Salwal, which is more profitable.

TCD trainer David shares in the last month of 2014 they taught TCD lessons on water to the water committee of the second pump set. From the lessons, committee members learned to manage the water project efficiently in the village.

We had great success in the second pump set, as it easily pumped the water from more than 60 feet, which was very much tough work for the mechanics. After the pump set easily pulled the water, there was great celebration in the village. Now people in the village are working to make the small tank, as well as a supply line to distribute water in the village.

People are grateful for the help they received from GHNI. TCD lessons have brought tremendous changes in the lives of the village people. Lessons on Slavery Prevention, community health, water management, and income generation have positively impacted the community.

Slavery Prevention

People are given TCD lessons on Slavery Prevention and learning the main causes of human trafficking is poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy. We are planning to extend our Slavery Prevention training by partnering with other organizations. This will provide greater protection for the people at risk, and also offer a gateway to start sustainable businesses in their own village.

Prashansha, a trainee of Slavery Prevention and Community Health said:

“The training was very fruitful to my life. I had learned more detail about Slavery Prevention from that training. Before, I had just simply thought that they just sell women to earn money for sexual purpose and entertainment. But from the training, I had learned that they are forced to do everything like domestic servant, strip dancing, pornography, street prostitution, and exploited by many people in a day. They did not get treatment while they are sick. Not only the women, small girls are also the victim of human trafficking and have to face these entire same situations as adult women had. They have not enough food.”

“I am studying in grade eight, and I am very happy to share about Slavery Prevention to my colleagues and friends in school in the lunchtime. I’m very happy to take part of that training. And I am thankful for all the organizations, especially GHNI, who works against human trafficking. I am also talking and teaching about Slavery Prevention in villages where women and girls are in risk. I had also learned health education and prevention. I want to give thanks to all the GHNI staff for organizing this program.”

Kiran Karki

National Field Leader, Nepal

*For purposes of security and well-being, “BT Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.