Trying the Second Crop

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

The fall was filled with reaping what we had seeded. A few months back, with the help of GHNI, we had distributed goats among some of the villagers with the intention of making them self-sustaining. Recently, seven of them gave birth to their kids. More goats are to give birth soon. We met every individual who is taking care of these goats and reminded them about their purpose for having them.

On the other hand, after we encouraged the villagers to do kitchen gardening, some of them started and are doing it on a big scale to sell their product in the market. Two of them, Babudhan and Manoj, planted seeds and recently small plants have grown up.


Besides this, we talked to the villagers regarding the second crop this year. Some of the villagers are ready to plant it, but some have a dilemma. Some of them have tried before, but most have never done it. Those who tried did not succeed because they had not done it the proper way. This time, we are encouraging them to do it properly.