Turning the Tables

Gem Village, Kenya


The livelihood in the Gem community is positively changing after Transformational Community Development (TCD) stepped in. Great changes are to be seen within the village. Water has been installed through the networking of GHNI and other helping organisations. Education has improved and farming techniques were introduced by GHNI bringing positive, self-sustaining developments. Government has fallen short in providing for its people but, after GHNI became vested in the community, villagers started to smile more as life has gradually improved for them. After foundational teaching, Microloans were given and used to benefit people. Beyond principles of saving, the villagers also ventured into different businesses. Some undertook small retail shops while others became vested in the buying and selling of goats, and all this activity turned out well through the helpful monitoring of GHNI. 


Daniel is one of the Microloan beneficiaries who ventured into a different business undertaking, which earlier had not been profitable to him. Daniel used his personal skills and available resources within the community to bring a great product to the village. Daniel had the amazing idea to use cow hides and local frames to construct a traditional high class table, which now is being ranked by many people as the best and most unique product in the region.


He started by constructing two tables and the villagers really liked it. He then added five more tables, all along finding his product resonating with the people. This initial undertaking has enabled him to get more and more customers, and the more customers the greater the profits he is seeing. Daniel is now constructing more than fifteen tables within a two-week period. This has not only helped him in providing for his family, but also his personal life has been transformed, tremendously, through this profitable business venture. Daniel has become one of the role models to his community and has inspired other community members who want to learn skills and become productive in meeting genuine needs. Daniel is thankful to GHNI for changing his life and now touching the whole community.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader