Two More Villages Have Access to Water

Polewali, Indonesia


This quarter, the Transformational Community Development (TCD) training team in Polewali continues to walk alongside the community in the cluster of the village to finish the third and fourth water sources. The water is now being pumped into the village and individual households. The community is working to pipe the water into their homes. These two water sources have taken longer than the first two for a couple of reasons. First, viable water sources are located further from the village which means more time and more material. Second, there is less money in the cluster, therefore it takes longer for them to gather the funds.  


Along those lines, the TCD team has found that in the cluster, the villages are considerably less fortunate economically than in the primary village where the TCD village committee operates.  Two village members from the cluster are on the primary committee. However, due to the conditions there, the team has approached the community and scheduled a Vision Seminar there in early April in order to go deeper with people in this area.


Overall, the Water Project has been very encouraging. Villagers who originally had doubted and criticised the programme have now approached the committee and the TCD team about participating. The fifth and sixth locations are now organising themselves to gather funds for new water supply for their villages. 


One additional positive note, this quarter was that the Polewali Village Committee worked with the TCD team to arrange disaster relief for earthquake victims in Malunda, around 90 kilometres from the Polewali Village. The community put to use their new mask-making skills and filled bottles with hand sanitiser to be delivered to the earthquake victims. They also gathered together to cook some meals to be donated. We are all thankful for the role of GHNI partners who are helping to fund this initiative. 


The village soap-making business continues to find its legs. The business group is working on finding the right formulation at low cost to be prepared for packaging and distribution.


TCD Update

  • Water ― Two sources have been completed. Two more are nearing completion. An additional two sources are in the discussion phase.
  • Income Generation ― The soap-making committee is getting closer to having their product prepared for market. Virgin Coconut Oil production continues to be stable, providing income for around ten households.
  • Wellness ― The team is preparing lessons.


Thank you,


Didi, Indro, Jeremy & Eva
GHNI Partner TCD Workers