Understanding Benefits of Toilet Rooms

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Although we have been teaching health and hygiene lessons about using clean water and having a balanced diet, the one thing we always find difficult to help them understand is the importance of using the toilet. Therefore, this quarter, we focused on health awareness and especially about using the toilet rooms. We already have 30 toilet rooms in the village provided by the government three months ago.


Though villagers have their own toilets now, they don’t use it because of their habit of relieving themselves in open areas. Instead, they use toilet rooms to store and keep their wood dry.


We started talking about the benefits of using toilet rooms. One benefit is that we will be alone inside and no one can see us, no longer having to face awkward moments. Since all the sewage will be underground, fields will remain clean. At night, we can easily use it and not have to go out in field. No matter the weather, we will be comfortable inside. Also, we taught them about the hygienic benefits. In the coming days, we hope all villagers will use their toilet rooms.


In addition to this, I am encouraging all people to do maize farming as monsoon season is already here. Most villagers have their own maize seeds saved from last year’s cultivation. The traditional way of cultivating is to save some seeds from their present production for the next year.  But most of the time it gets destroyed because of lack of care. This time, we bought seeds from the seed storehouse provided by the government to experiment which seeds do better, the traditional seeds or the storehouse ones.