Understanding One Another

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


This quarter we presented a lesson on marital problems and how to face them just as we do physical problems.  One lady came who said she always had a problem with her husband because of the limited money he earned each day. She has four children, and her problem was that she couldn’t control and manage the money well. After two weeks of listening to the lesson, she came and told me that she started to manage the money correctly and she learned to save money for the future.


During the past quarter, we distributed 122 food boxes to the poorest of the poor in Ezbit el Nakhl Village.  We also had lessons on acceptance, forgiveness, contentment, and speaking to others kindly. We spoke about the role of the wife in the house as well as how to cope with marital problems. We also celebrated these women by holding a Mothers’ Day party.


We will continue discussing forgiveness next quarter and also talk about the importance of understanding one another, especially your spouse. We’ll cover marital problems, interference of in-laws in the marriage, and how to be a friend to your husband. Other lessons will include stress, domestic violence, grief and distrust. A medical convoy will also be in the village next quarter to help those in need of medical care.



Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Last quarter we gave a lesson on the importance of wearing glasses for those children who have them. We also had lessons on living a healthy life, the dangers of smoking cigarettes and how we can die from taking drugs. We covered social and relationship issues too, like honesty, goodness and how to choose good friends. Next quarter we will present lessons on commitment, responsibility, cooperation and literacy to the children who can’t read and write.



GHNI National Field Leader