Unity Among Villagers

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

Today the village of Nallathanniya is united to helping each other. We informed the villagers that we have received the funds to start up the water distribution project in Block No. 3 and wanted volunteers to help us carry items to the mountain, digging drains for the laying of piping, and covering up the openings once the pipes are laid. We were overjoyed to see that many volunteered to do this work. It was a combination of males and females. The residents thanked GHNI for sending funds to complete the water project for Block No. 3.

We monitor the progress of the micro financing project, visiting three homes per month who have received loans. We help out the committee of the loan pay back program with advising how to pick out applications that are in need of loans. If there are exceptions, these are to be discussed with the committee. As we teach Transformational Community Development (TCD), we have requested the villagers come up with their requirements of TCD.

Celeste & Jay

GHNI National Field Leaders, Sri Lanka