Unity Through Village Projects

Nepal’s National Leader shares an inspiring story of how the community of BT Village came together in the beginning stages of Transformational Community Development. Thanks to Bijay’s initiative, the villagers will continue to unite.

BT Village, Nepal

“In the month of December, our GHNI TCD Trainer was appointed to teach human trafficking TCD lesson among women in the village. We got encouraging number of women in the village who gave their commitment to take the lesson seriously. To write down important notes we distributed paper and pencil.

“As most women are uneducated in the village, they are vulnerable for human traffickers to easily make them their prey. Therefore, realizing the importance of education, we have started teaching them how to read and write, appointing one volunteer who is teaching five days a week one hour in the evening. From 4pm to 5pm these days, women are getting adult education in their old age.

“As the women showed interest to learn to read and write, there was no place where they could be gathered for classes. Even for TCD classes, we had mobile locations that used to keep on changing. After I taught group of men how we could develop our own community by our own resources, then we started collecting locally available resources to build one classroom.

“One young man whose name is Bijay* took initiative to build the hut for teaching TCD lessons and adult education. People gathered locally available grass, bamboo and wood to build the hut. Within 15 days we completed this hut with the active participation of the people. Now we don’t have any problem gathering the people for TCD lessons in the village.

“This small act of community participation in the development of society has shown that if community can stand together, then there is nothing which couldn’t be achieved. This has boosted the morale of the people in the village.”