Unlocked Hearts and Broken Barriers

Hanoi Rehab Centre, Vietnam


“I had taken the last earrings of my mother to buy drugs, which was not only the last worthy thing remaining in my house, but also the keepsake my father gave my mother at their wedding.” This is the confession of a 51-year-old member about his mother, who is 85 years old. His name is Giang*. “I just want to apologise to my mother, but I cannot have a chance anymore.” He sobbed uncontrollably at the hurt he caused to his family.


After learning the “Healing Hearts” lesson, we gathered and wrote letters to our families. A married woman shared the impact that these letters have. “After receiving his letter, I passed it to his father while our family was chatting together. This letter was written on an A4 sheet, however, his father only read a few lines then folded it in his pocket. I saw his face turn red in a way I’ve never seen. He thoughtfully took this letter into the room, I did not know what my husband wrote, but outside we could hear his sobs, even though he tried to control it. After that day, my father changed so much. He cares more about my husband and asks how he is at the centre…”.


The “Healing Hearts” class has demolished the solid wall that these brothers built during their drug-driven years. This hurt made them thornier, more careless, and ready to turn away from everyone. However, nowadays, they confidently open their hearts to talk about the hurt they bore and caused to those around them, especially their families.


The class was ending but those promises and undertaking have become a dream and a desire for them to change themselves, to love and cherish their family more. Thank you to the class for allowing us to take part in conveying the healing message to everyone. We wish to have more useful and practical lessons to bring a transformation to a community that can bring love and recovery in every family.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Tuan” and “Giang” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved in this project.