Update on the Beirut Explosion

Because of supporters like yourself, the initial fundraising goal of $30,000 has been exceeded! 

Since the August 4th explosion, GHNI has been able to send relief teams to Lebanon to distribute food packages and supply home repairs for explosion victims. The remainder of the disaster funds will go towards more home repairs and food distribution, as well as funding more trips to help relief in Lebanon.

Each team had the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen relations with partner Together for the Family, and Community of the Beatitudes
  2. Food distribution to explosion victims
  3. Explosion victim housing and building assessments 
  4. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) quality and quantity provision assessment of refugee facilities
  5. Plan, Design and Construction of necessary WASH facilities to be started as possible. 

Through the House of Sarah, we will continue to build local partnerships in Transformational Community Development (TCD) and work towards self-sustainability. We will also design and implement water and sanitation facilities for partners and GHNI facilities serving Syrian refugee camps. 

If you want to continue to help with the ongoing support for Lebanon, click here. 

Thank you for your support!