An Update on Myanmar. Thank You for Supporting the Team!

On February 1, 2021, Myanmar's military deposed the civilian government and declared a “state of emergency” to last one year. This followed a landslide election victory by the seated government, which had been declared fraudulent by the military-backed opposition party.

Since that time, millions of Burmese have taken to the streets to protest the coup. There is a lot of concern about military control after the country transitioned to democracy in 2011 from a military dictatorship that began in 1962. These protests have continued to grow in spite of police and security opposition. Human rights abuses are a major concern as the military seeks to maintain control using violent methods. During the most recent protests, over 130 people have been killed in the demonstrations.

Our hope and desire is for peace and justice to return to Myanmar.

Our primary concern right now is the safety and well being of our team and staff that we work with in Myanmar. For now, they continue to remain with their families. In the midst of the tension and security situation, we are closely monitoring the situation and working with them to prepare for any needs. Our work with the villagers has been disrupted; temporarily we hope! We are preparing for any way that we can serve them or the villages we have been working with.

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If you want to stand with our team in Myanmar during these difficult times, any support or help you can provide would be a great encouragement to them. Thank you!

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