Uplifting Reassurance

Iraqi Refugee Families in Jordan

As we sat on the mats lining the walls of the bedroom, *Leina attempted to tell us her story. There was heaviness in the room and the baby was restless in his mother's arms, interrupting her as she tried to recount her tragic past. The older children came home from school and sat quietly next to Leina. They smiled when we gave them candy.

She told us that she grew up in a home of a particular religion, but when she was a teenager, her mother, father, and brothers were killed right in front of her by radical zealots of another religion. She was sexually assaulted by these evil men, and then she was forced to marry a man of a different religion and convert to his religion. Her brother’s children were left orphaned, and she begged her new husband to take them in so she could care for them. He consented and she raised these precious children as her own.

When their home was invaded, they were forced to flee to Jordan for safety. Then upon arriving, her husband left her with the two older children and a newborn baby, all alone in a foreign country without anything and knowing no one. Leina was in a desperate situation and her eyes filled with tears as she shared her pain with us.

The situation was hopeless, except for the unsurpassable hope that is found in her deeply held faith that everything would work out. We spent our time encouraging her and connecting her with more resources to restore her hope. Leina experienced a reassurance she hasn’t had in ages, and she has since brought her children to our resource centre the following week.


GHNI National Field Leader, Jordan

*For purposes of security and well-being, “Leina” is a pseudonym of the person being helped by this project.