Urgent Appeal from the President of GHNI

Dear Friends,

This is Hal Jones, President of GHNI. I just returned from another week in Jordan and meetings with our partners and friends in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. As a father and grandfather, my heart was broken as we extended love and help to Syrians.

The crisis in Syria has become one of the worst atrocities of our generation! You’ve seen the media and news. Over four million Syrians have been internally displaced; many are now in Damascus, the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, growing the city well past a sustainable population.  Overcrowding stimulates new and life-threatening problems for families–disease, lack of food, clothing, or shelter, and nothing to provide an income or future.

An estimated 5,000 people are fleeing the dangers daily, leaving Syria and heading to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt. These countries now host a combined two million refugees in camps, overcrowded apartments, and makeshift homes, overburdening resources. The refugees are often living outside the camps, afraid to go in, and shivering in the night. The women are running short of feminine hygiene supplies and warm clothing for children. Young girls are being sold into marriage or prostitution, and brothels are filling with Syrian girls. More about the impact on Syrian women and children refugees.

We can change the future for many of these children and their families!

GHNI is coordinating a strong partnership relief effort in the whole region.

In Lebanon – We are coming alongside those living in camps by offering immediate relief and then helping refugees take initiative for their own community development – working together to build sewer lines, create systems for education and find income generating solutions for families.

In Jordan – Over 4,000 families have been provided with immediate needs – food, heaters, hygiene products, and counseling. GHNI provides immediate funds needed for children to attend and stay in school, protecting them from traffickers who are targeting Syrians. Micro-loan funds, provided by donors, are helping refugees start cottage businesses so they don't stay dependent on GHNI or other organizations and quickly build a hope-filled future.

In Iraq – GHNI workers are training many in community-based development, freeing refugees and locals from long-term dependence on outside aid. Using the TCD (Transformational Community Development) system, wellness needs, food resources, clean and accessible water, income generation, and educational needs are slowly being met. One day at a time, villagers are resolving the issues holding them in extreme poverty, allowing them to build a future of self-sufficiency.

In Syria – Together with our partners, GHNI has shipped tons of food into the northwestern regions of Syria. We are now sending supplies for women's needs via our clinic partner in Damascus. The needs grow hourly!

A global response will be needed to meet the horrendous needs in Syria.  We cannot approach this crisis alone; we must work together!

GHNI, and most of you, believe aid must be given with a mindset of offering a “hand-up, not a hand-out” to avoid further harm to those we help. GHNI’s TCD moves individuals, families with children, and villages from relief to rehabilitation, and finally to community-led development, igniting transformation.

What YOU can do to help:

Immediate Relief:
  • Feminine hygiene supplies for 10,000 women at $20 each = $200,000.
  • Shoes for 2,000 boys and girls to face winter and shrapnel on the streets at $25 per pair = $50,000
  • School supply backpacks for 5,000 refugee children at $20 each = $100,000.
  • Education for young women to learn hairdressing and other trade skills to avoid prostitution = $50,000.
  • Micro-loan funds to help those with farming abilities or entrepreneurial training become self-sustaining = $50,000.
  • Beginning a Model Community Development Project in ten villages, two for each of the countries with Syrian refugees. The initial villages will serve as teaching models for hundreds of villages to learn and start their own self-sustaining, self-led programs proving successful amongst refugees. Initial investment of $15,000 each village annually; for an expected participation until graduation in three to five years. Sufficient funding will allow most villages to graduate in three years. Total needed = $450,000 for ten villages for three years.
GHNI, staff, nationals, and partners are in place in EACH country!

Lana and I want to encourage you to join us in responding to this crisis. We are giving generously of our own funds to this and we hope you will join us!

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