Using Small Business to Make Big Changes

*JT Village, Nepal


In this quarter, I visited JT Village group members and farmers to see how they are applying Transformational Community Developemnt (TCD) principles to better their communities.  I found that there will not be the age limitation for the people wanting to get necessary things done in the community. People of all ages are working hard and getting good income from their small business. Goat raising, vegetable growing, and poultry are profitable businesses for them. Even though it was very cold and hard to work, they could survive and did their job well. Community members are encouraging each other and growing closer with one another and community organisations. This has led to positive benefits in JT Village. 


TCD Update

  • Water - Every house has water access in this village. We were able to help the parents and the community people through the school children about bringing awareness on safe drinking water, cleaning and washing. Most of the people use boiled water and filtered water.
  • Food - Most of the farmers worked to grow healthy vegetables in their own kitchen garden and some started small farms as a business.  Family consumption rate has increased which has helped their children to be healthy.
  • Income Generation - Micro loans, vegetable farming, and goat raising are so helpful and more profitable to the people in this village.  
  • Education - Partnering with the local school to open the door to start a TCD programme in JT village. The school children helped to bring their friends to school.  Teaching the importance of education and friendship has helped change the behaviors of children to better their relationships with the teacher and the families.
  • Wellness - TCD Wellness lessons were helpful to maintain personal and family health. It also helped to increase community health awareness.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader

*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.