Using TCD Principles to Work Through Conflict

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


In my previous report, I highlighted the impact that Transformation Community Development (TCD) has made to the community and how the nearby village came to notice the good work they did. It was impressive and encouraging for us to see progress happening in a short amount of time. However, I would like to state some challenges after the smooth start and how it has been fixed by the community this quarter.


After a great start there came some obstacles due to some leaders misunderstanding the concept of TCD. Basically, two members of the TCD ad hoc committee guided the rest of the team to project focus instead of transformation focus. They collected some money for some project they wanted to do under the name of TCD without prior discussion with other members. They had good intentions, but the problem is that they just forced people to do what they want to achieve. Most members did not want to follow them, and some villagers got angry with what they did. It caused tension and some team members were ready to quit. Yet there were a few members who still worked with them to have a positive mindset. 


This conflict started and lasted for a couple months. When we visited them, we listened to everyone and set up a short time to talk together in a large group. We played a blaming game (the helium stick), which taught us a great lesson. As we talked about the community strengths/weaknesses/opportunities, we also reviewed the TCD core values and concepts. Those activities really helped the members understand what went wrong and how it could be fixed. Everyone in the room was in peace as they all learnt something. The next few days, we heard that they all are at peace and focusing on sharing the value of TCD to their neighbours, individually.


The plan for this community is to conduct TCD training again for the whole village as the leaders think understanding TCD concepts first is vital for the development projects. We have an opportunity to meet with the chief administrator of the entire Yone Taw Village. There are some opportunities for us to extend the TCD seminar in the area with his help and recommendation. 


TCD Update


Wellness - The ad hoc TCD committee did some seed projects such as cleaning the environment, making trash cans, and raising awareness about health. The Health Committee has been engaged in fighting COVID-19 in partnership with local government staff.


Thank you!