Utilizing Available Resources

Shambani Village, Kenya

Paul was once known for his large herd of cattle in Shambani village. He used to sell milk to villagers and became a popular man in the village, but not for long. A day came when all his herd was claimed by rustlers, leaving his herders with bullet wounds. This opened a big door to poverty in Paul’s life and he fell into depression and lost everything. Paul’s focus was on livestock alone, and he thought that he was no better than the dead since all that kept him moving was already gone. Though he tried to do his best and restock, he suffered the same fate from rustlers, so he ceased completely. He stayed home hopeless and ended up in casual labor in town to win bread for the family.

Paul had one thing that the rest of the villagers never had. Even though he suffered long due to his lack of knowledge, after the seasonal river had dried up, there was water available at Paul’s place. The entire neighborhood depended upon his natural spring of fresh water. One day, when he attended a community meeting and heard of his fellow villagers that made a good harvest from the small amount of water, Paul felt challenged and motivated to attempt what had never crossed his mind. He took the idea and gave it his best.

Today, Paul has reason to smile knowing that no rustler will come to raid the tomatoes he harvested. This crowns it as the best business to undertake, for it has less risk compared to livestock. Paul’s life is transformed and all hope has returned.