Blog: Valley of Ali

Fortifying Roots of Poplar Trees

Recently, I visited our poplar tree project in Yakawlang. The trees are still growing taller, but they currently lack leaves.



Requests for Expansion

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

I have visited the poplar tree site three weeks ago. It was the time for the fourth quarter report. As I was submitting the report and presenting how we are growing the hybrid poplar trees in the region, the local government was very happy about it.

They were curious about how many cuttings we are going to distribute to the local farmers in the coming spring and are also asking us to expand the agricultural project in the Yakawlang area.

Anticipating New Projects

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Poplar trees will produce a good income for the local farmers who can grow their trees to the time of harvest. Hundreds of local farmers have trained how to practically plant poplar cuttings in their fields and taught their neighbors who have taken cuttings from them.

Our Model Poplar Tree Plot

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


The trees are looking amazing! In central Yakawlang District, we planted them in May 2017 and now some of them are two and a half meters high. This year, we didn’t give them fertilizer in accordance with our farmer’s experience from the former trees. Next year, we will give them fertilizer and hopefully the trees will grow up higher.


Planning Time

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


We wish to start a new tree and water project in Bamyan Province, because we are often asked to do so by the local government, which appreciates our contribution and training. It is the right time to rent a plot for the new tree project, for by spring there will no longer be any available.


For these reasons, we thank those who are partnering with us to provide help and hope to the hidden and hurting.


Coaching Farmers of Poplar Trees

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

The poplar tree project in the Valley of Ali is continuing to grow. After distribution of 25,000 poplar cuttings last spring, we didn't have any major activities in this location.


Rapid-Growing Poplars

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


Lately, I visited Yakawlang, where we have distributed almost 25,000 hybrid poplar tree cuttings to the local farmers. These people never knew about hybrid poplars before, but within the past seven years, we distributed tens of thousands to help reforest this region.


Fast-Growing Hybrid Poplars

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

People in Bamyan province took notice of the new hybrid poplars that are a model and experimental tree in their area. Every year we see numerous farmers coming to receive cuttings. They have seen the poplar as a useful tree, suitable in the cold climates where they grow faster.