Blog: Valley of Ali

Ready to Begin Again

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Seeing the value of hybrid trees, the people of Yakawlang District in Bamyan wish to earn income by planting poplar trees. They realized the poplar hybrid is a useful tree that grows faster and is suitable in their cold climate. Our focus is to educate people on how to plant and grow poplars, and then they teach their neighbors.

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team
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Planning New Poplar Fields

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Seven years ago, GHNI contracted a plot of land in the Valley of Ali so many farmers could benefit from our poplar cuttings project. Every year, we distributed our poplars and served as a model for local people. They could see and learn how to grow the fast-growing poplar trees in their fields. This village is suitable for growing poplars, and previously the local people didn't know how to grow them.

Successful Hybrid Poplar Planting

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Our contract with the landlord for the growing hybrid Poplar trees in the Valley of Ali will finish on March 2016. Within seven years, tens of farmers have benefitted from receiving and growing thousands of Poplar cuttings. Previously, these farmers didn't know about hybrid Poplar planting.

Aaquel’s Holiday Wish: Buy Food for My Children

By, Dee Rivers

“My one holiday wish is that I never again have to grow opium poppies so I can buy food for my little ones.”  -- Aaquel, Afghanistan

“Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan reached a sobering record high in 2013. According to the 2013 Afghanistan Opium Survey, cultivation amounted to some 209,000 hectares ... and representing a 36 per cent increase over 2012.” 


Landslide Muddies Water Sources

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

In Yakawlang District, I heard reports of a landslide. **Ashraf called me and confirmed a huge landslide in Darra Ali, about three miles from our growing poplar trees on the mountain. Gravel, mud, and rocks slid down the mountain and made the water muddy, affecting the river from Yakawlang for hundreds of kilometers to the north of Afghanistan.

Self-sustaining Farmers

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

Seven years ago, many farmers never knew about hybrid poplar trees, and now they have become self-sustainable. By distributing our poplar cuttings in many different areas, we demonstrated how farmers can obtain and plant fast-growing hybrid poplars.

Poplar Tree Success Impacts Village

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

The trees in the Valley of Ali look very beautiful in summer. Our staff members and local farmers taking care of the trees irrigate and give fertilizer every year in June.

Anticipating a Successful Year of Poplar Growth

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

This year will be another good year for our trees. We have enough water to irrigate all the trees. They look very beautiful, especially this time of the year when the trees are bearing leaves.