The Value of Computer Knowledge

Hoogly Village, India

Today, I would like to introduce a girl who is talented and a very good student. Trisha is a 13-year-old studying in the seventh grade. She is from a poor background and her father, Sunil, runs a fast-food shop on the roadside. She always used to score good marks in all the subjects in school, but she was facing a problem with the subject of computers. This was only because she didn’t have any facility to complete the practical practice. Trisha could not afford a good computer education.

After we opened our computer center with the help of GHNI, Trisha is now receiving a quality computer education for a very low cost. Now Trisha is obtaining good marks in computer study. She is very thankful to us. She understands the value of computer knowledge in today’s world, so she wants to take more computer courses in time. Trisha believes this will help her in the future.

Thank you, GHNI, for helping us to reach out to people like Trisha.

Partner TCD Worker