Vegetables Abound at the Garden!

Holy Land Garden


Thanks to having things planted in a timely fashion and the faithful arrival of seasonal rains, we can now start to harvest and distribute the produce! The gardens have done very well, and it is exciting to see people receive the benefit from all the hard work. Some of the plants that are grown here at Holy Land Garden are specialty plants, and they have thrived in our growing environment.  


Our vegetable assortment includes Bok Choy, celery, specialty broccoli, snow peas, specialty spinach and specialty radish. In the future, there will also be sweet and regular potatoes, Chinese cabbage, and green beans. Many of these plants are leafy greens and have great nutritional benefits. The produce is shared on-site, whether it is for personal use or given to immigrants and other individuals in the local area.


Another recent exciting development is the arrangement made with a local soup kitchen in a near-by community. This organisation reaches out to needy families and individuals. We will deliver vegetables to their kitchen at least once a week, thereby adding nutrition to the meals. We see this as a strategic part of the vision of the Holy Land Garden and look forward to our relationship. Partnerships with charitable organisations are a great way to bring help and hope to people in need!


Thank you!


GHNI Partner & Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker