Venturing into Business

Attir Village, Kenya


Microloans are one of GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes to change the lives of villagers and raise their living standards. GHNI met with the Attir community members and trained them on ways to start a business, how to manage the business, ways to save, and ways to keep their businesses afloat.


Villagers were really excited with the ideas of TCD, and they were all willing to venture into a form of business that would bring them a source of income. GHNI gave some of the Attir community member’s loans to start their businesses, and every week GHNI staff members were there to coach them and guide them on how to run their business and make an income for themselves.


Pamela is one of the beneficiaries who has started a business of making and selling bids, bangles, and other African ornaments. She is making quite a stride in her business and she is very grateful to GHNI for the help they have rendered to their community. Attir Village is very grateful to GHNI for changing their ways of living and uplifting their living standards.


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