View from the top

We've been hiking for a little more than a month now and we're settling into our new routine. We go to bed around 8 pm and wake up around 5:30 am on a typical day. We start hiking after breakfast and don't stop until late afternoon right before dinner. Recently, the views from the top of the mountains have allowed us to see where we started hiking that morning. To see our progress is encouraging because even though hiking up mountains sometimes feels like we're rock climbing, we can see the distance we've hiked and find encouragement in our progress. The distance between two places used to mean little to me because we usually ride in a car to go places. When you hike with food and supplies on your back up and down mountains, your perspective changes quickly on how much is needed, just to live, because everything you choose to carry means more weight on your back. To be honest, I find myself enjoying having fewer things. Of course, luxuries are nice, but I've realized that having less hasn't made me less happy.

Happiness largely doesn't require material wealth or abundance but it does require having what we need. This includes community, sufficient food, shelter from the elements, clean water, and a sense of growth and progress. While we hike, many of the extra things in life have been stripped away and we're left with only what we need. But we're still happy. Ultimately I believe we all want the same things, to provide for our families, to have clean water and nutritious food, and to see our family members thrive.

We're hiking to help families receive training and skills that will help them support their families so they can feed their kids every day, send their kids to school, and find dignity in the successes of their own accomplishments combined with the accomplishments of their community.

Please consider giving toward our cause?  We've hiked over 350 miles.  Would you consider donating $35, $350, or $3500?  Please share!