This Village is Becoming a Model

RM Village*, Nepal


In RM Village, there are so many important Transformational Community Development (TCD) activities going on successfully this quarter. I want to share some highlights of our activities. First of all, the situation is complicated because of the coronavirus. In spite of obstacles and challenges, TCD is working effectively to bring transformation and community development in the village without any criticism from the villagers.

In the past few months, I met many village leaders and a Man of Peace. During the meeting, I shared the TCD concept and strategy with them. I also talked about the importance of the TCD strategy in the village and how TCD teaches development and self-sustainability for the community. 


A joyful result in the village is that the people started Generating Income after acknowledging our teaching to be financially self-sustainable. I taught people how to do kitchen gardens, according to the harvesting seasons. The reason behind kitchen gardening is that people used to spend money to buy vegetables from the market. Now, they are able to save money by raising some vegetables. So now, as many people as possible are getting involved in vegetable gardens to get fresh vegetables. I am always teaching people about Wellness, how we can have a healthy life by eating fresh and balanced food, and using clean water. 


Villagers are now convinced about the merits of a clean environment, hand washing, and the use of the toilet for a healthy life. I always visit people door-to-door, to teach them about TCD, and encourage them to practice the TCD lessons to be self-sustainable. This quarter, I met many formerly unapproachable people and lovingly shared the importance of TCD in the village. 


This quarter, I taught many people about beekeeping while also doing beekeeping myself. So, I have experience and knowledge about bee farming. By doing this, I can train people about beekeeping and teach them why honey products are financially self-sustainable as a commercial beekeeping business.


TCD Update

  • Water – In the Water programme, we cleaned the source of water by checking the water storage tank of the villagers to know if they clean the water tank or not. TCD teaches people to reuse water in the vegetable garden. Dishwashing water, bathing and clothes washing water can be used in the kitchen garden project. At the moment, people are using clean water by taking care of it.
  • Food – People are now eating good, balanced, nutritional food from kitchen gardens. But, when people were running out of food due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, village community centres provided the food items and TCD helped by reporting needs to the local ward office and asked for help for the community.
  • Income Generation – People are learning to Generate Income by running micro shops (small grocery stores), poultry farming, livestock keeping (animals & cattle raising), driving auto rickshaws (or three wheelers), etc.
  • Education – We raised awareness of labour and sex trafficking, moral education, women empowerment, health education, and preventive measures of the coronavirus. Now, all the children are going to school and are getting an education.
  • Wellness –  People are now making progress in cleanliness by using the toilet properly and practising clean and healthy sanitation.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “RM Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.

**For purposes of wellbeing and security, “Sreva” is a pseudonym for the individual helping with this project.