Village Chief Anticipates TCD for His People

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Harowayo Village is one of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) projects of GHNI-Ethiopia. Since we started the TCD programme in this village, we have seen a lot of progress. Before we entered this village, we visited to survey for three years. We met with the village leader about our plan to start TCD in this village, and we had several conversations with the chief. The chief told us, “I have enough information about your activity in Borena land, so I am eager to see your activity here in our village as soon as possible.” 


After we had finished the survey, we decided to start TCD. We have been working in Harowayo for two years now. During our first TCD training, many of them had an interest to take the training. After we selected 24 candidates and gave the training, the completed training certified them in the five areas of TCD. The Agriculture Group immediately took action and prepared farmland. Most villagers followed their example and prepared their own farm. The Agriculture Group now has more than 50,000 birr in the bank after every harvest time.