Village Implements TCD Focuses

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Best friends Guyo and Dembele completed high school together but did not get the opportunity to go to the university and remained jobless. One day, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker met with them and discussed the goals of TCD. From that day, they were committed to learn more and attended TCD trainings. After training, they joined the Agriculture Group as members. Developing a relationship with our TCD worker, they were inspired that their hard work would generate a very good income. From the last harvest, they earned 6,000 birr (about $220). Before they joined the TCD group, they were disappointed after finishing high school. Their future looked dark, but they are overjoyed with the future they can see for themselves.


As the local TCD worker, I am coaching the community by teaching new technics and organizing TCD training. For the next quarter, we plan to focus on wellness and water because of the drought.


The Water Committee has been very active in Harowayo Village. They have maintained the well that GHNI helped the community build. During the drought, the Water Committee helped organize the community.


The Food Committee has also been working hard in the field with planting crops. During the drought, the committee was able to plant different vegetables to sell. They earned a great income for every member of the group.


The Income Generation Committee is training their group and engaging them in small trading, besides the goat loan program.


The Education Committee, as did the other groups, had a discussion with the community elders about the importance in sending children to school. Working together, they will change the community’s understanding of education.


The Wellness Committee has seen signs of transmitted diseases, so we will help by teaching the community about having their own latrines in their compound. Using locally available resources, they want implement this idea. They have heard from other villages how they have benefited from that.



GHNI National Field Leader