Village Mother’s Success Aired on Local TV

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


We’d like to share progress about Dureti, a 27-year-old woman who we’ve shared about in previous reports. She is one of the exemplary women in Harowayo Village. She is married and has three children. Dureti was part of the Agriculture Group, and now she has transfered her place to another woman, as she has started her own farm near to the group. As her income is growing, she bought her own pump to expand her farm. Her husband now also supports her after he saw her progress. She can now afford to send all her children to school. Dureti has also built a new house. Her amazing experience has been broadcast by the local television station.


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers are planning to provide special fruit trees to the Agriculture Group members. These fruit trees are drought resistant.


TCD Update​

  • Water ~ A month ago, the Water Committee coordinated with the community to clean the pond the villagers and the animals are using for drinking water. It was filled with water during the rainy season, and they are fencing the pond to separate the animals from areas the villagers use.
  • Food ~ The Food Committee has provided drought resistant seedlings to plant on their vegetable farms, as well as surplus to sell.  Some of the papaya plantation is nearing harvest time for the group members.
  • Income Generation ~ In Harowayo Village, the Income Generation group is very active and making very good money. They are selling different kinds of homemade bed sheets, while others are selling food to the road workers in the area.
  • Education ~ School attendance is growing in this area. Three years ago, school attendance was very low, as there were only seven to ten students in attendance. Now student numbers average twenty-five.
  • Wellness ~ There was a traning given by the Wellness Committee. The training was focussed on dish washing and how to keep the kitchen clean. After the training, they have seen very good results. In this village, three women modelled these hygiene pratices.


GHNI National Field Leader