Village Transformations Increase and Multiply

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This quarter has been one of the busiest ones for the Dhoke Jhjara cluster as we identify and select the villages where Transformational Community Development (TCD) work in Dhoker Jhara has made the most impact. We are very encouraged and excited by these expansions! They clearly show the impact of the “cluster village effect” and the pivotal need for that crucial “model village” (Dhoker Jhara) to start with!  


There are as many as 16 villages, including Mankachak, Sugapahadi, Tasaria, Manoharchak, Pipra, Ganua, Beherabakh, Pokharia, Dumria, Jhumurbad, Tengdaha, Kurwa, Sapdahara, and Bisrampur. It is amazing to see so many villages are ready to change their communities by embracing TCD! 


Accordingly, I planned with Rohit training for TCD leaders and communities in different villages. So far, we have finished training in a few villages in the Dumria block. In some villages, we have had to do training twice, but we did it.


Now, we are in the process of surveying the targeted villages and helping villagers prepare project proposal forms through which they will be given loans for small businesses. I have already gone to the villages to collect these project proposals and at the same time help the community.


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