Village On the Upswing

Tuti Village, Ethiopia


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Agriculture Group makes various seedlings for its use and also sells them to the community. They had harvested tomatoes, onions, and potatoes before obtaining seedlings. They make a good living by selling the above-mentioned products.


Hassen, the group's leader, is a hard worker. He works well with the other members of the group to coordinate their efforts. This enables the members to produce excellent results. In addition to their current activity, they are teaching the community how to engage in agriculture.


The majority of the community members are eager to learn and participate. They can see how the lives of the Agriculture Groups have changed since they began to engage in agricultural activities.


TCD Update

  • Water – The Water Committee has been introducing the biosand filter on how to clean the drinking water. Most of the villagers drink very dark and contaminated water. This causes them to get water-borne diseases The biosand filter is ideal to prevent these diseases in the community.
  • Food – Agriculture is now one of the Agriculture Group's main sources of income. They grow a variety of vegetables for the market. On the other hand, they can develop new agricultural methods to produce vegetables.
  • Income Generation – The Income Generation Group is learning from members of the Elala village group about fattening oxen for marketing purposes. They can earn a lot of money from this activity.
  • Education – Schools are opened according to the Ethiopian calendar, so the Education Committee is working hard with the community leader to get all of the community members to send their children to school.
  • Wellness – The community is becoming more aware of the importance of protecting themselves from communicable diseases. The majority of villagers now use latrines and wash kitchen materials.


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