Village Women Embark on Employment Training

Mugheer al Sarhan Village, Jordan


GHNI, in cooperation with another local women's association in Mugheer al Sarhan Village, have started a three-month long sewing course. It started in July and it was completed in October 2021.

Twelve Jordanian women joined the course meeting two days a week, from 9am to 1:30pm. More women were interested to join in, but in order to keep social distance and apply the safety precautions, we limited the number to 12 participant, only.


All the ladies who participated are housewives who are looking for ways to generate income and help provide for their families.

This course was primarily and closely managed by Abeer, the centre supervisor, and Riham, the sewing teacher, who are originally from the Mugheer al Sarhan. 


The first month was about learning to draw, taking measurements, and cutting the fabric. The second month included learning how to sew and connect the pieces of fabric together, properly and neatly. The third and last month was about designing, recycling used pieces, and being productive and creative. 


Thank you,



GHNI Admin Assistant, Jordan