Village Women Embrace Education, Enriching Their Lives

KW Village*, Nepal


This month, I taught the important subjects of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) classes related to Food, Wellness, Water, Education and self-sustainable Kitchen Gardens.


We are raising awareness about healthy food, which is very important for our health. To maintain our good health and be strong, our food must be healthy and balanced. If the villagers learn to produce and eat healthy food, they will remain healthy. They will be better protected from the coronavirus and other diseases. When we teach about food, we talk about vitamins, fruits, green vegetables, and a balanced diet. The villagers were careless about their food before our TCD class, and now it is very different as they now know the importance of eating healthy food.


Lately, COVID-19 has spread in our village. People are very afraid of the coronavirus. For the safety of the villagers and to protect their lives, I taught them to stay safe at home, to wash hands with soap and water, to use sanitiser from time-to-time, not to visit others, to keep social distance, to drink safe, hot water and use warm clothes to be safe from the cold.


In this village, women are uneducated and cannot read or write. Before we started the women’s literacy class, they didn’t even know how to write their name. But after the TCD Education class, the women now know how to write their own names. I am presently continuing my literacy class with the Women’s Group.


I have also taught them to be self-sustainable. In this time of pandemic, villagers are getting involved in micro-business. They run small shops, do goat farming, and are trying to support themselves.


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “KW Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.