Village Women Try Entrepreneurship

Chandrapura Village, India


Last month, we helped three women begin their own business in Chandrapura Village. These women are housewives and help their husbands in farming and managing household issues. Village people grow only seasonal crops and, at present, they are done with all their farming. I encouraged these women to do some local business to earn extra income, which can help them support their families and will gain them respect from their husbands. They bought the idea and prepared to do business, but since they needed some initial funds to start their business, we lent 2 of them 3000 rupees, each. After doing 4 days of business in the weekly market their first month, Salomi resold pulses and soil earned around 4000 rupees. Pramila, who resold chickens, earned around 1000 rupees.


Apart from starting businesses, I am encouraging other villagers to grow some seasonal vegetables to earn income. Our tutoring centre is also going well. Twelve children are currently students. I am talking to some of college-going youth to take over the tutoring centre so that they can earn some income and the tutoring centre will become self-sustained.