Villager Establishes New Businesses

Tea Garden Cluster, India


Since the sowing work is over in villages and people are going to other places for work, I had planned three things this month. First one was to find two people in Kharibari Village who will start a business. I spoke with two potential starters, and one of them is very positive. He has already set up a grocery shop in the village and now wants to set up a mini-ATM in his village. I have almost finalised setting up one myself, I will help him set up his. The second plan was to start a kitchen garden in the village, but after speaking with the villagers they said that the late heavy rain has wreaked havoc and starting any vegetables will destroy the crop, and further explained that it would be better to wait until September. The next plan was to apply bleaching powder in all the wells of the village, which are the only sources of drinking water. We, in Kharibari Village, apply bleaching powder every year in order to clean the well. The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Committee took initiative and bleached all the village wells, turn by turn.  


Though the lockdown has been lifted and life has returned to normal, life will never be the same like before. Villagers are now busy getting vaccinated and running around to make all the documents needed by the West Bengal Government to receive government facilities, which has started in the month of August. This is a one-month-long project, where the West Bengal Government is setting up camps in village areas to help people make new documents and apply for government facilities like a ration card, voter card, and Kanyashree (governmental initiative aiming at providing financial assistance to girls aged of 13-18 who belong to the economically backward classes). 


I had one counselling day for the villagers and guided them on what facilities are available from the government and the documents they need to apply. 


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