Villagers Accept Challenge to Help Others

Sindh Province, Pakistan


This year has been a challenge and through this trial we learnt to meet another challenge - “To Help Others”. In spite of their own difficulties, our Village Committee was able to visit the nearby villages and learnt how they were doing in these hard times. These visits came about from the idea of sharing how we are doing and how we have been able to deal with crises. Our Village Committee was able to introduce the FAITH (Food Always In The Home) Gardens to deal with the shortage of food. We have decided to reach our nearby villages to tell them how they can utilise their resources. 


Our team has been visiting and doing the follow-up in different villages where we have been working during the COVID-19 crisis with Health Training. During the past months, we were able to visit 23 villages and we shared the Health Lessons and further Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons with the community. During these visits, I was invited to two new villages to share the Health Lessons. My team is planning to reach these villages in the coming month so that we can start TCD in these two new villages. 


Rahim* is living in a village and is part of the VDC (Village Development Committee). Rahim shared that since he is growing vegetables at his home, he is saving a lot of money, and he is sharing this with others - how they can use this method to grow their own vegetables and save money themselves. 


Rashid* is living in the village and shared, “I heard the stories of how villagers are learning about Health and developing a healthy lifestyle. Being a leader of this village, I also want my community to grow and develop. I took part in the last meetings and I learnt about Health and about Self-Help Groups. I decided that my community and I will participate in this exercise of development. Now development is happening in my village - thanks to GHNI and one of their local partners. 


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Rahim” and ” Rashid” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by this project.