Villagers Apply for Local Government Grants

Katuwaghat Village, Nepal


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee and the women’s group did well in this COVID-19 pandemic time. We have been successful in saving lives from coronavirus so far. The important TCD activities and lessons we taught to the villagers were safety measures to prevent the coronavirus, contacting the local government for help, making safe drinking Water, eating healthy Food, the importance of Education, principles of Wellness, and Income Generation.


Many were afraid of the coronavirus and of losing hope for their lives during this quarter. It was very difficult to visit the village, to meet, and to gather villagers. Keeping with the safety measures, I taught people to be safe from the coronavirus. I taught them not to gather in large numbers, to keep themselves clean, to wash their hands, and to be careful when eating. They should eat fresh food only, not go out unnecessarily, keep their distance and always use a mask. The villagers agreed and followed this teaching which helped them to remain safe.


We encourage the community leaders to go to the local government and ask for a budget to be carried out for the local development of the village. We teach them that the government has a good source of money for different categories. If the villagers make a good sustainable plan and approach the government, then they can provide resources. After my teaching, they became happy. They are applying to the government to address their problems in the village.


As a result, a ward committee member provided masks and sanitiser for the villagers. In addition to that, the Nepal government built three houses for the families of this village who had no houses to live in. Looking at the TCD progress and the people's initiative and commitment, the government helped them.  Now, a few community members have a beautiful house with two rooms.


Success Story

Because of TCD teachings, movement, and Seed Projects, we can now see transformation in the villagers’ lifestyle. Baijanthi has been an active woman in the TCD programme from the beginning. She had educational and financial problems in her family. They had no ideas or ways of income sources. When she joined the TCD classes and learnt about Income Generation and Self-Sustainability, she received some TCD Seed Money. Then, she started goat farming. She raised many goats, sold some goats, and bought a female buffalo. She then got milk from the baffalo and started selling the milk. With this money, her family is managing expenses. Now, they have a good income source from the buffalo milk. She says they became successful because of the TCD teaching and support. This family gives thanks to GHNI. 


Thank you!



*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Baijanthi” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.