Villagers Commune to Solve Spitak Problems

Spitak, Armenia


We had a great opportunity to take people from Spitak to the Tufenkian hotel for a two-day Transformational Community Development (TCD)  training, including a parenting course. The proprietor heard about the TCD work in Spitak and he kindly donated gift certificates to all who attended the training to stay at the hotel.


After the introduction, we had a brief TCD training,  and discussed various problems. The group was divided into two. The first group discussed how to solve the problem of opening a local kindergarten and the second group discussed how to solve the problem of unemployment.


The two groups came up with good ideas. Now, our task is to follow through in helping implement these ideas. Next, we had a big dinner with great food. Everybody enjoyed it!


In the evening, we had games and fun family time. Many of the families have never had an outing like this, so we decided to extend our care for them in a tangible way. These villagers live on very little income, so this outing was a great treat for them!  After the family time, the women were offered to be treated like queens and cared for in a spa. Some sisters did their nails, make up, and hair, while others offered them encouraging words. The women were reminded how precious they are and this greatly encouraged them. We could see tears in their eyes. The men went to the local sauna, shared their stories, and had a nice time together. 


The next morning, there was a discussion about the community problems and the local resources available to solve these problems. Progress is forthcoming!


Thank you!


GHNI Partner