Villagers Fix Their Muddy Road

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


The villagers came together to build their village main road during this quarter under the supervision of their chief and Transformational Community Development (TCD) ad hoc committee members. The village main road is normally too muddy and slippery in the rainy season. The village school is beside the main road and when the students came to school, they usually had a difficult time walking through the muddy road. Sometimes, the students slipped and got dirty. They cried and went back home to change their uniform. In the past, the village was aware of the problem and they took action to pave the road. Due to the limitation of funds, they could only pave half of the road. The problem was half solved, however, the village still experienced the same problem every rainy season. 


When TCD training was conducted in the village for the first time, we saw how bad the road was and we heard the participants’ complaints about it. In our conversation, we noticed that they underestimated the importance of starting small. They wanted to pave the road again only when they had enough money and they were waiting for donors. They had already waited for a couple years, but things didn't go as they expected. 


Having heard about the TCD strategy of the power of starting small and using locally available resources, the community was in agreement to do whatever they could do. They used bamboo to pave the muddy road. That made a much better lane for the students and the villagers to walk on, although it didn’t meet their expectations. However, the community had learnt something valuable and crucial in transforming the people’s mindset and pursuing the village development works. By the end of this quarter, our Man of Peace reported that the village is preparing to pave the road. They didn’t receive any donation from donors. Instead, they gathered the village funds from the profit of the previous NGO loan project. They have already adjusted the ground and are going to have a concrete road in a couple of weeks. They have formed a Committee to oversee the project and the Village Chief, the father of our Man of Peace, is the leader. Moreover, three of the TCD training participants are in the leading team. 


The villagers are excited about the project and feel proud of what they can achieve together. The planning process of the road project has made the villagers and the committee members more united and increased mutual understanding.


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*For the purposes of safety, “Yongtu Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.