Villagers Identify Needs, Solve Problems, Realise Dreams

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


It was in the first Transformational Community Development (TCD) vision seminar in Yongtu* Village, Pantoc* Township that the village leaders and a group of people identified the community needs and shared their dream for the village. The dream was ambitious. When the training participants were asked to draw a dream map of the community for the near future, the trainees designed their village with lamp-posts and electric bulbs lighting the village road at night. The picture was attractive to the villagers that day. In group discussions, the picture was alive, and we saw the joy and motivation clearly on the faces of the participants, but in fact, the dream seemed unrealistic at that time for them.


A few months ago, we had reported that there were a few disagreements and arguments between the villagers when they initiated their transformation process after hearing the TCD vision seminar. It was like a setback to initiate the TCD programme in the village, however, the community had learnt from the mistake. In this quarter, they were able to resolve their internal problems, build relationships, and form a reliable committee, according to TCD lessons on the role of the committee. The champion was impressed about the progress the community had made, not just because they solved their internal conflict, but also because the committee took an important role in bringing electricity projects for the village. It was a giant step the committee took in this quarter. 


The sitting government has been working hard on providing adequate electricity for rural areas across the country. In general, the electricity goes first to those villages that are situated in strategically important locations or of self-helping villages. Because of the action of the TCD committee, helping develop a plan and raise local funds from the village, electricity is set to be installed in Yongtu very soon. We are glad for the villagers as their dream is coming true. Above all else, we are more impressed to witness that the villagers are able to identify their own needs, learn to solve their own problems, and even attract outside resources as the result of TCD training in the village.


They are also looking forward to conducting more TCD training in the village as soon as we are able to gain more access to this place.


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*For the purposes of safety, “Yongtu Village” and “Pantoc Township” are pseudonyms for the villages being helped by this project.