Villagers Learn First Aid and Human Trafficking Prevention

DG Village*, Nepal

Highlights of what I have done in Transformational Community Development (TCD) work is what I want to demonstrate here in DG Village. My major accomplishment in January was visiting people door-to-door and observing their lifestyle, work type and problems. I also discussed TCD lessons about self-sustainability with many families in DG Village to better their lives. 


In DG village, I did my best to practise TCD lessons during this month. There is a good impact of TCD lessons in the village because people have been following our teaching. During this month, our TCD team managed to do various kinds of TCD activities, such as Water Security, Food Security and Health awareness programmes, within the village families. Nonetheless, the fear of getting infected by the COVID-19 virus is still in people’s minds and hearts. Therefore, I taught them how to be safe from the coronavirus with pandemic prevention measures. 


Apart from this, I described how first aid works during an emergency with the help of a volunteer who played a vital role, explaining how a patient or victim can be kept alive with this treatment. During the TCD lesson, people understood the importance of unity and harmony in the village. Shortly afterward, people learnt about first aid, and now, they can use first aid to save lives. As I planned the previous month, I continued teaching the benefits and effects of safe drinking water, hand washing, toilets and involvement in Income-Generating activities in the village. By attending TCD class, villagers have gained more knowledge and skills to apply in their lives. At the moment, they are sustainably generating income from the seed money.


Since January of 2021, I am trying to focus on the subject matter of human trafficking. Many people learnt what causes sex and labour trafficking and how it can be prevented. There is such an illiteracy problem in the community that it causes a high risk of illegal trafficking. I taught awareness classes on this important topic. Now, women of this community are concerned and aware of human trafficking. 


It was a very hazardous environment for the poor villagers who had no warm clothes to wear in this harsh and cold winter season. Many underprivileged children were likely to get pneumonia from the cold. So, I suggested that the children should wear full-body cotton clothes and eat warm food that keeps our bodies warm from the cold. Not only the children, but all ages of people should care for their health by wearing warm clothes. Henceforth, the villagers have learnt many important TCD lessons in the first month of this year.  


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.