Villagers Learn Income Generation & Help Another Village

RM Village*, Nepal

In January 2021, I completed many activities as per plans while gathering villagers or visiting them house-to-house to share important Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. Furthermore, I raised technical support to the community.


I taught the villagers about Income Generation activities. They are still not fully involved in Income Generation because they do not have many income sources. I am always guiding them to start micro-businesses or commercial farming for self-sustainability. When I taught the villagers about the self-sustainability development plan for RM Village, they said this concept is a magnificent process to transform the community. They are working according to TCD plans, but still, many are deprived of Income Generation because of financial problems. Similarly, I always encourage men and women to be involved in income work to be self-sustainable and provide the seed money if they are competent in doing their job.


Concerned for the welfare of every child in the village, I did home visits to see if the children were going to school or not. One time, I saw some kids not going to school, and I went to meet their respective parents to encourage them to send their children to a nearby school.


I explained how self-employment works through business, commercial farming or tailoring. I also taught the villagers essential lessons about sanitation, clean water and washing hands after using the toilet. I taught them the method of washing hands with soap and water properly before eating or touching anything. 


I gave lessons about health problems that arise during the winter season. It is tough to spend the winter time with no warm clothes and eventually suffer from cough and pneumonia. I thus encouraged everyone in the village to wear warm clothes. 


I had the opportunity to spread awareness about TCD work in other villages as well. The TCD Committee members helped with the hand pump Water Project for another village near RM Village. This nearby village was facing a scarcity of water, but when an elder of this village requested a safe drinking water project, we started working on it and succeeded in bringing water to this village. The villagers were very happy to get clean drinking water. It was a small project, but a vital one because the villagers now have access to a clean water source. Many people of RM Village participated in the Water Project and were successful in finishing it. If TCD work is going on like this, we will indeed bring self-sustainable development to the village. 

Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “RM Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.

**For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" is a pseudonym for the individual helping with this project.