Villagers Present Their Problems to the Government

Katuwaghat Village, Nepal


Many people of Katuwaghat Village had the chance to gain knowledge and skills from the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. The TCD movement has prompted their behaviour to change. They can now go and talk to the government about their problems and can ask for a budget for the community’s development. When the leaders of the political party come to their village, they can present their problems to them.


Risidev Paswan Village is very backward in education. This month, I met the head teacher of the local school and talked about the poor situation. I requested that they provide scholarships for the children. Five children from this village got scholarships and were provided books, pencils, a bag etc. They still want to help other children. So, this month, a good TCD work towards children's education has been done. Lately, many villagers were sick, so I visited them house-to-house and taught them first aid and prevention of diseases. I advised them to go to hospital and to consult a doctor.


Success Story

This is the story of Baashir* of Dakuwadada. He is doing good work. There are four members in his family. Not long ago, this family was very poor. They had not a single rupee for buying medicine when they became sick in the past. When we started TCD, his wife joined the TCD class. Shortly after, he did as well, and he also learnt from the TCD lessons. He then had many ideas and could find sources of income and a way of working. At the beginning, he had nothing to start Income Generation. So, the TCD Committee provided him with Seed Money. With that Seed Money, he bought a goat and kept it. When it became big, he sold it and with that income, he started a local food cafe which gives more income than goat keeping. Now, he has daily income and he has no financial lack. His wife is happy with him and they can give their children a school education now. 


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Baashir" is a pseudonym for the individual being helped with this project.