Villagers Rely on GHNI Aid Amid Continuing Conflict

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


Early this year, the situation looked better in the area because villagers said that they did not hear fighting near their village. But they are still worried as soldiers wandered around their territory. One of the village leaders came to Yangon and we had a chance to meet and talk about the situation. 


He said, “Currently, fighting has ceased for a while, but no one knows when it may start again because we still see many soldiers in the area. Still, the villagers are prohibited to go to the forest. Normally most of us stay home in the village. We are afraid to go out for our own safety. It is still true that some families are struggling for a daily living. We hope that the situation changes this year, quickly, so that we can again work for our family living.”


Related to the regular aid contribution from GHNI for the vulnerable families in the community, one of the village leaders said, “We are thankful for GHNI’s help for our community. Many families rely on this aid. And this contribution of rice saves our lives. As you know, we have no idea what to do for living in this situation. We just stay home every day. We are afraid to risk our lives to go to the forest for work. And the military also does not allow us to go out. We sell our property and livestock for a very cheap price to the Rakhine people. Everyone struggles for daily food in their own ways.”