Villages Nourished Through Vegetables and Education

Women’s Empowerment Centres, Afghanistan


Our Women’s Empowerment Centres (WECs) are closed due to the coronavirus, but we are in touch with our staff and students. The women and girls have learnt how to have a healthy life and a thriving community. We hope that the quarantine will be over soon and we can start our Transformational Community Development (TCD) and English lessons again.


Over the course of this month, we distributed different kinds of vegetable seeds to help the people boost their immune systems and have fresh food in the summer and fall. Interestingly, cress or watercress is one such vegetable that helps protect you from the coronavirus. 


During the quarantine lockdown, we distributed liquid soap to about 90 people after teaching about hygiene, trying to ensure that participants wash their hands many times each day. 


The women and many of the parents of the students said that due to the virus, they lost their jobs and incomes. We are especially grateful for GHNI’s help at this time!


The health trainer is reading BLLiSS (Birth Labor and Life Saving Skills) books to prepare to teach women how to keep themselves healthy during pregnancy and after giving birth once the lockdown is over. The trainer said that since we started health lessons the number of patients in the local hospital has decreased significantly, even during the pandemic.


TCD Update

  • Food - Different vegetable seeds were distributed to the women, which will help villagers have food in the future. 
  • Education - The Education centres are closed due to the virus, but we are in touch with our staff and students. We are eager for the quarantine to be over to restart our TCD and English lessons. 
  • Wellness - The girls were taught how to have a healthy life and the value of a community. 


Thank you!



*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.