Vision for Change

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Legesse is living in Harowayo Village. He is married and has three children. Before he joined the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Agriculture Group, most months he was traveling to Kenya, passing over the border to look for jobs and to earn money to support his wife and children. This kind of life was hard for him and his family.


After this long difficult situation, he returned to his village and met GHNI-Ethiopia TCD workers. They told him about TCD, and he immediately caught the vision and joined the TCD Agriculture Group. After he joined, his income grew and now he has 20,000 birr (about $700) in the bank. He can now afford to send all his children to school. His wife is also a member of the TCD Income Generation Group, from which she received three goats. The goats’ number has now grown to twelve.