Visions Become Reality

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


The Didi Hara Village Agricultural Group are working hard to get a very good harvest. Last year, they suffered a severe drought but still earned 17,000 birr (around $600). This good result encouraged them to expand their farmland to produce even more product.


Gutu, a member of the agriculture group member, is a 34-year-old married man and father to three children. Previously, Gutu spent most his time watching other villagers’ cows and goats for a small wage. The income was not enough to support his family. This was a severe problem for them. One day, Gutu met one of our TCD workers in his village. He asked them to join the TCD group and they told him about the training to take with other villagers before joining the group. After he joined the group, Gutu became very happy and started making very good money. Everything in his life changed--not only his life, but the whole family’s life changed. Within one year, he built a house and can now send his children to school, too. Gutu’s big dreams are not just great visions as he works hard.


GHNI National Field Leader